MF1 - Semi-automatic care machine

With many years’ experience in the field of cheese care, and following repeated requests from our customers, we’ve decided to develop the MF1-30. This compact, sturdy, semi-automatic machine shares a large number of components with our bestsellers,

our RF care robots: the use of acclaimed, tried-and-tested components ensures consistent reliability.

To achieve excellence in every product, cheesemakers need of course to devote their time to their cheeses, rather than to the technology involved.

This is the guiding philosophy that has made JNJ automation successful for over a decade now: versatile, reliable machines that meet our clients’ requirements.

Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never look back!


  • Multi-tray carousel system for continuous care
  • The carousel, trays, and top and side brushes can be removed without tools, simplifying cleaning and the installation of accessories for each the type of cheese to be treated
  • The operator can handle the cheeses whilst letting the machine carry out the treatment automatically
  • The pressure of the top brush can be adjusted electronically; the side brush has a manual tension system


A programmable logic controller allows settings and can save a large number of parameters. All the care settings can thus be saved in recipes:

  • Care time
  • Top brush pressure
  • Side, and top brush rotation speed as well as tray speed
  • Number and duration of side and surface brine pump strokes

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