«DADAUX» Semi-automatic slicer

JNJ is the exclusive importer for Switzerland of "Dadaux" slicers.

Semi-automatic slicers are designed to cut consumer portions from quarter or whole wheels of hard cheese.

The rotating plate makes it easy to set portion size. A laser visually indicates the cutting area. The blade delivers a clean, perfectly straight, very precise cut.


  • Ergonomic
    No more aching muscles or joints
  • Precise
    Laser trace assists user before cutting
  • Fast
    Motorised blade and rotating plate
  • Safe
    Two-hand operation prevents any risk of cuts

Available in two variants (depending on requirements and available space): 

TR Comtoise 

  • Robust machine with stainless steel casters 
  • Designed for whole wheels 
  • ⌀ 75cm Turntable
  • Can be used in display cases to limit multiple handling of products 

TR Mini-Comtoise 

  • Compact table-top machine 
  • Designed to cut quarter wheels 
  • Especially suitable for shops and counters