RF1 - Care robot

For small and medium cheese dairies

The success of the RF1 robot would not have been possible without the many years of experience of our development team in the field of cheese care. As a fundamental working principle, in designing this robot, we listened to the wishes and comments of cheese makers. Our objective was to meet the needs of users in the best possible way within the drastic restrictions required in the working environment of this type of equipment. In our opinion, if a cheese maker is to achieve the very best products, his time should be spent not on technical concerns, but on his cheeses. For this very reason, emphasis was placed not only on reliability, but also on simple maintenance and cleaning processes.


Can wind through the narrowest of passageways (chassis width 98cm)


Flips, cares for, salts and moves whole cheeses with a diameter of 28 to 75cm


Many care and handling programmes available

Film presentation