FR322 - Tri-zone hot air shrink tunnel, height 250

The (tri-zone) FR322 hot air shrink tunnel is the result of 25 years of experience acquired by our company in the field of shrink-wrapping. Used ‘downstream’ of the horizontal wrapper process, they ensure the optimal shrinking of products wrapped in barrier or non-barrier film.

Their frames are made entirely of stainless steel and consist of 2 sheets separated by thermal insulation. They are also fitted with air curtains at the entrance and exit points of the conveyors. These confine heat inside, prevent heat loss and allow wrapped products to cool down rapidly. The JNJ FR322 shrink tunnels can be supplied with two blowing roof types for optimal shrinking regardless of the shape of products.

Passage height adapted to large size products

The 322 model shares the same tested design of the other tunnels of the range but was developed specifically to handle large-size products. The heightened roof offers a passageway for products up to 250mm high.

Perfectly integrated within the ES101 horizontal wrapper

Downstream from the ES101 wrapper process, temperature adjustments of heating areas, along with conveyor speed, are set according to the selected product recipe.